How can I find out about current specials?

Generally on our Facebook page and website

 Will you test my water?

Absolutely! As a matter of fact, we insist on it before we sell you livestock. It is still in your best interest to have a reputable test kit on hand, and at some point we will recommend you have one.

Where does your marine life come from?

 UPS, FedEx, Delta and a really cool driver named Dennis. Just kidding, we do everything we can to purchase tank bred and tank raised fish, however a large portion are still wild caught. 

What is the appropriate salinity for my saltwater fish aquarium?

Fish only, 1.022-1.025

What is the appropriate salinity for my coral reef aquarium?


What is live rock?

 Live rock is a certain type of rock that has been harvested from the ocean. It is essentially pieces of reef that have broken off, filled with both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria’s and numerous types of critters.

Do you sell live rock?

Absolutely. Along with other types of manmade rock that has been injected with beneficial bacteria.  

What is the pink/purple stuff that covers the rock?

Hopefully its coralline algae, but some people mistake pink for Cyanobacteria. If it's coralline, you can't really scrape or remove it. Whereas cyano can be blown or brushed off.

What is substrate?

That stuff in the bottom of your tank. Gravel, Flourite, sand, etc.

What is live sand?

 How does live sand benefit the aquarium? Let's refer back to live rock, good bacteria! Live sand and freshwater substrate is just a packaged form of beneficial bacteria. Does it help? Yes it does. Is it consistent? No it's not. Lots of different factors can happen deserving of a good face to face conversation! Can you use "dead" sand? Of course! And we now have lovely little bacteria spores in bottles that aren't affected by extreme temps and shipping.

Does buying saltwater fish affect the environment? 

 It definitely improves everyone's mood!  But if we are talking about the ocean, nowhere close to what we do and use in our lives that has an incredible impact on the ocean. Our hobby has led to us captive breeding numerous creatures, and continues to place us steps ahead in our learning and ability to become more sustainable along with understanding how big of an impact humans have on this ecosystem.

 I thought my shrimp or crab was dead, but I just saw it again. What happened?

 Growth and renewal, it molted.

 What is fragging?

 Fragging is when we take larger colonies of corals and we cut or "propagate" to make more. It is one of the ways we use to not take from the ocean, and share in unique specimens. We have come to learn a ton of information on the care of corals by doing this.